Procedure & Policy of Monthly Fee Payment

We follow the following steps regarding the payment of monthly fee vouchers. Please carefully read the voucher email.

1. We send vouchers with almost 2 weeks time to pay.

2. Next day we send SMS to all parents to contact us, if they have not received the voucher.

3. 3 Days before the deadline, we again send SMS to both, mothers and fathers, reminding them the last date.

4. After the payment of the fee this form MUST be submitted, as most of the parents due to pandemic, have been paying the fee online. In such cases we don’t get any info from the bank about the depositor. Therefore this form must be submitted by all:

4. Since we have implemented an automated system. it automatically blocks the accounts on eSchool which have not paid the fee by the last date.

5. As soon as we received the payment info through the online form, the account is reactivated.


Link of form to be submitted after the payment of monthly fee: