Payment of Monthly Fee

In order to facilitate the payment of monthly fee with ease and security 24×7, we have signed up an agreement with PayPro (Online Payment Gateway). You are encouraged to pay the monthly fee through PayPro, online or offline (internet/mobile banking or any branch of TCS) as it is more convenient, secure and time saving mode of payment and you will instantly get notifications though SMS and email. In both cases you just need to have the fee voucher PayPro ID, which is a 14 digit code sent to you in every fee voucher email and SMS.

* Please watch the video in this section related to your bank to get to know how you can pay the monthly fee using your existing internet banking or mobile banking facility.

1. Payment Through PayPro Using Your Internet Banking Portal or Your Bank’s Mobile Phone Banking App:

To pay the monthly fee through PayPro, you don’t need to install any App, you can use your existing mobile banking App or your bank’s Internet Portal. Once you login to your banking account, you can find the PayPro option in billing menu (Billing -> Others -> PayPro). You need to use the 14 digit PayPro bill ID sent to you through email and SMS.

You can also pay it using the 1Bill option, if you use pay through 1Bill, you just need to place “100027” before your 14 digit PayPro Bill ID, which is received though email and SMS.

• There is a convenience charge of Rs. 60 for the above mentioned options.

2. Over The Counter Fee Payment Using PayPro ID At Any Branch of TCS:
Nationwide you can conveniently pay the fee using PayPro ID on any outlet or TCS. Please carry your CNIC while using this option.
• A payment processing fee of Rs. 60 will be charged if this method is used.

3. Payment In Our Bank Branch:
The fee voucher email you will receive will have the link to view or download the fee voucher. As per the agreement with PayPro, this free payment option will not be shown the email, however you can download and print the fee voucher and visit our bank branch mentioned on the fee voucher to pay the fee. If you pay the fee in the branch mentioned on the fee voucher, you don’t need to take any further action. However, if y0u pay it in any other branch of the bank, then you must submit the School part of the fee voucher in the School office duly stamped by the bank.

4. Payment of Fee Through Credit Card or Debit Card:
Using the link and PayPro/1Bill ID in email or SMS, you can pay the fee online using your credit or debit card, since this mode of payment costs 3% of the value of the transaction, kindly avoid paying through debit or credit card.
• A payment processing fee of 3% will be charged by the payment gateway.




  • If you have not received the fee voucher of the current month, please urgently contact us using this form.
  • Direct bank transfers in our accounts will NOT be accepted.
  • Kindly avoid paying the fee through debit or credit card, as it will cost about 3% of the value of transaction.

You can scan the following QR code to get instant PayPro WhatsApp Support.