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Admissions in January-2023 Session

Dear Parent,

We will start taking admissions for the January-2023 session from 3rd October-2022. In order to get your child enrolled in the January-2023 session, please note down the following points:

  1. The child’s age must be between 1.8 year (20 months) and 2.5 years (30 months) at the start of January-2023.
  2. The child must be physically and mentally healthy.
  3. Please visit the campus from Monday, 3rd October-2022 between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
  4. First 20 parents will be able to meet the Coordinator per day.
  5. Both parents must visit the campus along with the child and bring along the birth certificate of the child.
  6. All the details pertaining to child’s admission like timings, curriculum, fee structure will only be told by the Coordinator during the meeting.
  7. Your child’s admission is subject to availability of seat and fulfillment of admission criteria mentioned above.

The admission process can be completed by visiting the campus, father, mother and the child must come together. Males coming alone will not be allowed to enter the premises. Please avoid bringing other family members, only the mother, father and child will be allowed to meet the Coordinator.

Once the interview is completed and if your child is selected, you will get an email informing your about the selection of your child and and the details of further steps of admission process, like submission of required documents and payment of admission package fee.

Your child’s admission will be confirmed only after the completion of all the above mentioned steps.

For admission related queries, you can reach us through this Online Form or by clicking on our landline number 02134531939.

Welcome To C.A.T. Montessori! Your child may be admitted in January-2023 session, subject to availability of seats and meeting the admission criteria.  For admission related queries, you can reach us through this Online Form or by clicking on our landline […]
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