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Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war ..... Maria Montessori


School To Remain Closed Tomorrow Thursday, 12th March-2015
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School To Remain Closed Today Wed, 11th March-2015
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Pictures of Fruit Week Feb-2015
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Kashmir Day Holiday 2015
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School WIll Remain Closed Tomorrow-Thursday, 29th Jan-2015
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Maria Montessori In Karachi

An Italian physician dedicated to working with young children, Maria Montessori developed a method for teaching children that focuses on the child’s learning as opposed to the teacher’s teaching. Developed to emphasize initiative and self-reliance, the Montessori Method guides children through a series of learning tools and techniques in a disciplined environment. Introduced in Rome in 1907, Montessori’s method has spread throughout the world with each generation of learners. This tremendous growth and worldwide embrace demonstrates the effectiveness of a true, hands-on experience.

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