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Parents' Views About CAT Montessori
Parents' Views About CAT Montessori

Dear Teachers and all members of C.A.T. Yumna loves to come to school and she is enjoying a lot. The teachers are really cooperative, specially "Maam Sidra", she is really kind with the kids and I am really impressed with the environment all over the Montessori. Both the other teachers "Sakeena and Zoara" who always pamper and love Yumna and…
I appreciate the efforts put in by the teachers of CAT Montessori. I am quite satisfied with the performance of my son as well.
Overall I am very satisfied with the School Environment. Teachers are extremely co-operative, put in lot of efforts. Both my children Tahir and Nabeeha were very clingy and took time to settle but credit goes to all the teachers. She's learnt a lot in these few months, they tell lot of good stories about School. Hope to have another 6…
I am glad I choose this school. The teachers are very supporting, hardworking and dedicated. Elijah's performance has improved a lot. ... Keep it up!
I am totally satisfied with the teachers and school. You all are doing a great job ... Keep it up!
We are satisfied with the efforts of the teachers and have noticed a good change in our child regarding his academics.
I am very satisfied with the way kids are progressing. Thank you for being patient with Mustafa. I would like to know which books/materials interest them most so that I can have it at home.