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School Re-Opening Notice and Security Update
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Dear Parents,

CAT Montessori will In’Sha’Allah re-open from 14th January, 2015, due to the enhancement of security measures as per the Government’s directive. The time slot for new kids will remain the same. Following security and administrative measures have been taken by the School administration:

  1. Kids will not be handed over to the parents without showing the ID cards.
  2. A prominent security company, Phoenix Security Services, has been hired with their state of art security systems.
  3. A high powered emergency alarm system has been installed.
  4. A full time security guard has been appointed.
  5. Apart from the security guard, Chowkidar Aslam Baba will continue to serve.
  6. Boundary walls of the school have been raised with broken glasses on the top.
  7. To avoid traffic jam resulting from parking of cars in two rows, footpaths have been tapered, so that cars can be parked in a single row. Please avoid parking your cars in double row.
  8. Drivers will not be allowed to enter the School premises.
  9. Only parents will be allowed to pick and leave their child inside the School premises by remaining outside the Line drawn for the purpose.
  10. Parents are requested to pick their child and leave the premises at the earliest.
  11. No parent will be allowed to use slides or rides.
  12. In order to talk to teachers or School Administration, parents will have to take an appointment.
  13. No visitors are allowed to enter the premises without prior appointment.
  14. Those who want their child to get admitted in CAT Montessori, will not be permitted to enter the premises without the mother and child.

CAT Montessori

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